An Apocalyptic Vision for 2050: Nature Taking Back

This is a less serious version of my induction task.

We had all thought that coronavirus would blow over. Little did we know 2020 was about to make another turn. It started in the hospitals, where the infected were. The virus had mutated. The host would first lose their ability to speak, their jaws becoming taut and then slack, as if trying to speak out. They would begin to twitch, involuntary actions in their body causing them to groan out. Their mind would then go blank, no longer recognising friends or family. Instead, an overwhelming urge to feast would consume them. The safest thing to do then, is run. 

Cities became dangerous. The dense human population in these areas rapidly changed into a large infected population. If we wanted to survive, we had to abandon these cities. By now, the infected have moved on from our once thriving cities, looking for feasts elsewhere. Now our cities are thriving in a different way. Nature has now reclaimed its territory. There are remnants of human life and our artificial lifestyle, but the environment has come back in full force. I often wonder what life would have been like if we had not taken our Earth for granted. Perhaps humans and nature would have been able to coexist. Perhaps we would have been able to live in harmony, nurture each other and create an ecosystem in which we can coexist. We lost that chance once. We’re not going to let that happen again.