ASUS ProArtist Awards 2023 Part 01

Brainstorming for the ASUS ProArtist Awards 2023.

“Seeing An Incredible Future”

For a theme based on “our environmental hopes and aspirations”, I feel as if this is perfect for me to explore either Photoshop or Illustrator to create a beautiful digital piece inspired by what I imagine our future to look like. This theme has made me reflect upon my previous university work, from my Major Project Synthesis, to my Dissertation and a few graphics I created throughout my research.

I want to explore this deeper and create a radical visual of what our future in cities can look like if we were to incorporate nature back into our cities.

I hope to show that whilst the visual may not be that of reality, it is important to connect with nature within our cities to help create a healthier, sustainable and renewable future.


I’m so happy to have graduated with a First Class Honours in architecture from the University of Portsmouth. Studying architecture in the middle of a pandemic wasn’t easy. I’m very grateful to have wonderful family and friends around me during this time. I look forward to learning so many new things whilst working in practice.

For the review

3D Section

3D section of my concept so far crossing through public and residential space. This section shows materiality within the concept.

The technology precedents I have in mind for this concept is one that I thoroughly researched into for a second year project – San Telmo Museum. Due to IT issues, I do not have access to detail inspiration to look into other construction details. But luckily I can access the PDF for this structure as our technology group had the PDF on a shared drive.

I believe I can apply the construction for this precedent utilising the material palette I have included for the ‘inspiration’.

Cluster Concept


  • More context on surrounding buildings/area. Shops, bus station, residential etc
  • Volumes are boxes. Perhaps lower ground functions needs a different size/more generous volume
  • Develop the pedestrian connection – Where can they access the site? Are there multiple entrances? Is Rye Lane the main access? Non residential access/heavy traffic.
  • Landscape the access points/look at the open spaces on site
  • Buffer zones between residential/car parks
  • Perhaps do not have direct connection to Morrisons – unless utilising the roofspace
  • Consider different arrangements – changing cluster direction ?
  • Site plans – line weight is important. Thicker lines for the buildings and thinner lines for the roads. Same with sections. Interior lines would be thinner than cut through. Don’t forget foundation
  • Reconsider privacy with residential – with surrounding walkways, there is no privacy. Ground level residential areas have no privacy – perhaps raise the ground floor level OR include a private garden. Perhaps sheds/storage underneath to raise the ground level – will also help with flooding risks.
  • Too samey for shapes (exterior frames I think) – perhaps some of these could be a different materiality to suggest different functions. Perhaps its a greenhouse. Have clear variations in section.
  • Distinction between public and private

Suggested Precedents:

  • FRAC Dunkerque / Lacaton & Vassal – They design cheap, simple, lightweight, easy to build, for the community structures. Mimicked existing building but then changed materiality.
  • Rafael Moneo: Moderna Museet Stockholm (the roofs) – roofs are the same but they have changed the scale (like small, medium, large). With different sized rooms, show clearly how the scale has changed.


Name: Rebel

Architects: Studioninedots

Location: Kop Zuidas, Amsterdam-Zuid, NL


  • Flexible, sustainable mixed-use complex
  • Strong, characteristic identity
  • Offers spatial flexibility
  • Enables innovative programming of spaces
  • Mix of commercial and social/cultural functions
  • Residents and occupants have the possibility to share cars and bikes
  • Voids bring light and air into the deep volume
  • Urban living room
  • Raw, recycled concrete
  • Untreated larch wood

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