Concepts/Massing 2

Smestad Recycling Centre

Name: Smestad Recycling Centre

Architects: Longva arkitekter

Location: Oslo, Norway


  • It is a facility for the public where all waste handling takes place indoors
  • Robust, unclimatised open hall
  • There are areas for hazardous waste and maintenance/changing rooms/cafeteria for employees/offices and technical rooms
  • Saw-tooth roof
  • Maximise traffic flow and parking for the public
  • Space for 34 cars
  • 16 waste fractions
  • Constructed from low impact materials
  • Façade is concrete/brick/laminated wood/metal (weathering steel)
  • Roof is planted with sedum

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I will be referring to these tables when designing the dwellings for this design project. A minimum of 30 dwellings are needed based on the brief.

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More in-depth research on sites

With a waste to energy plant being a potential main option, site 2 (second image) may not be ideal due to the location and size. Upon further deliberation, site 1 (first image) may be most suitable. There would be easier access for trucks to access each end of the site. It is a much larger site when in comparison to the other sites, this space may be integral dependent on the size of the plant.

Europe’s Silicon Valley

Name: Europe’s Silicon Valley

Architects: URBAN POWER

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark


  • Man-made islands
  • combat city’s challenges
  • Tech space
  • Fossil-free energy production
  • Flood barriers
  • Public recreation space
  • 380 businesses
  • 12,000 jobs  
  • Heat storage
  • Windmills
  • To be Northern Europe’s largest Waste-to-Energy plant 
  • Will reduce at least 70 tons of CO2 annually
  • Will produce more than 300 MWh of fossil free energy – 25% of Copenhagen’s power consumption  
  • Built-up soil creates natural flood barriers
  • Start of construction is 2022
  • Project completion in 2040

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Name: CopenHill

Architects: BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group)

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark


  • Cleanest waste-to-energy power plant in the world
  • Power plant with rooftop ski slope
  • Located on an industrial waterfront
  • 440,000 tons of waste can be converted into clean energy annually
  • 150,000 homes are provided with electricity and district heating annually.
  • Tallest artificial climbing wall in the world
  • Hopefully will help Copenhagen meet its goal of becoming the world’s first carbon-neutral city by 2025
  • Green area creates a space for birds, bees and flowers
  • Garden absorbs heat/removes harmful air particles/minimises stormwater runoff.
  • Ten floors of administrative space
  • 600-metre-squared education centre for academic tours, workshops and sustainability conferences.  

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