Blog Design: Major Project Synthesis

Choosing sites

In the previous project, my design concept had three sites. For the current project, I will need to justify which site will be most suitable for a hybrid residential building.

1 – Site one is a car park designated for the morrisons next to it. I think that out of all three sites, this one will be the least suitable as there will be lots of disruption if it were no longer there.

2 – Site two is also a car park, presumably available for customers who want to shop on Peckham highstreet. I think this site would be most suitable for a residential area. There are multiple places to park around Peckham highstreet so there would be minimal disruption. Additionally, it could be possible to include some parking within the site with the residential hybrid building.

3 – Site three is a bus depot and backs on to multiple industrial buildings. This site would not be suitable as getting rid of this area may cause disruption to the businesses directly next to it.