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Design: Major Project Synthesis Brief

Aim: To design a hybrid building taking into consideration a variety of factors.


Population growth/minimal space: With an increase in population within our cities, “global population living in cities is set to increase to 68% by 2050”, we will need to consider not wasting any space. With limited spaces within condensed cities, how can we design buildings to make the most of the surrounding space? How can we accommodate more residents without inflicting on quality of life?

Climate change/sustainability: When designing for the future, we need to ensure that there is a minimum impact on the surrounding environment. How will the buildings we design withhold in the future? They need to be designed to be sustainable and have a low carbon footprint. With climate change rapidly changing our Earth, how can we design to ensure that there will be a positive impact on the environment?

Multiple facilities: How can different functions be united to create our designs? What facilities will be essential now and in the future? We need to include additional facilities that will overall improve residential areas and local life.