First Year Architecture Models

Beach Hut

Below are models from the very first project in first year. A beach hut sat on a turntable that the user can adjust to get the sun all day long.

Margaret Esherick House

Building half of the Margaret Esherick house by Louis Kahn.

Design models

Designing a house with certain constraints.

Site Model

My absolute favourite model from first year. We were put into groups to create a replica of our site to scale. Each group was assigned materials and we were given wood and concrete. We created wooden blocks for each building, shaping them to scale. Then, for certain buildings we used a plastic former to create a mould for the concrete.

Concept Models

Different concept model buildings in the site that we created.

Initial Concept Models

These were the first models I made for the site above. They were not to scale.

Summer Project

This beach hut model was for the summer project given to us in the transition between first and second year. It reuses recycled materials like drift wood for the exterior and recycled plastic for the interior. It forms a geometric wave and additionally acts as an educational landmark, showcasing the plastic in our oceans.