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Graphic Design Masterclass

To deepen my knowledge on graphic design, I have been taking a Graphic Design Masterclass course on Udemy produced by Lindsay Marsh. So far, we’ve been learning typography, its history and now I am onto Photoshop tutorials.  

I have been using Photoshop for nearly 8 years now! But it’s been very helpful to see new photoshop features and tips and tricks I didn’t know of. I have been mainly self-taught in this, creating book covers for stories I liked when I was younger and doing digital paintings for school projects. I was able to use Photoshop throughout college, university and during work. It is such a powerful tool and reflecting on how much I have taught myself over the years, I’m really proud of myself!  

I can’t wait to continue this course and learn more tips and tricks (and soon get back into Illustrator and InDesign). Watch this space for more graphics!