Animal Portraits

Grizzly Bear

This adorable bear has been my most recent art project. He looks very cute and cuddly but I wouldn’t say that if I were to encounter one in person…

Rummage & Charlie

A secret gift to my partner and his mum for Christmas. It was very hard to keep this a secret, and I’m super pleased they love it!


This gorgeous cat found us and has been blessing us with cuddles ever since! He is super crazy, loves a good belly rub and chin scratch. You could say he is very savvy…


This is a drawing of the lovely office dog at an architectural firm in Winchester. She is totally adorable, loves a good belly rub and is an integral part of the team. She’s a lot bigger now than what she was in this drawing!

Cocker Spaniel Drawing


A commission for a close friend of my parent’s. They wanted a drawing of this horse to gift as a Christmas present.

Cat Drawing Two

My most recent drawing has been a large detailed cat.

Commission for my Grandad

This is a drawing that I completed for my Grandad of his dogs Rocky and Jess. This drawing is one of the first times that I have done an animal that is short haired. I found it more challenging to capture certain details due to this. However, I am very happy with how it turned out.

Cat Drawing

For this drawing I had decided to experiment on plain white paper. I had not done this before so it was a new experience. Whilst the end result still looks good, I prefer drawing on toned paper so that you can highlight white fur with ease.

Golden Retriever Drawing

Golden Retrievers are one of my favourite types of dog (German Shepard also being one). I thoroughly enjoyed drawing this piece. I enjoyed seeing the improvement I had made in only one drawing in the final result!

Horse Drawing

I began this horse drawing to practice drawing short hair animals. It was a challenge but I think the results are effective.

German Shepard Drawing

This is the second ever coloured pencil drawing animal that I completed. Compared to the first (the tiger), there has been clear improvement in not only the use of colours, but also in the fur texture.

Portrait Drawing

This is a in progress challenging drawing.

Tiger Drawing

My first animal coloured pencil drawing. You can see in my future drawings how much my technique has improved. Maybe in the future I will do another tiger drawing to have a direct comparison for how much I have improved.