Architecture Blog Design: Major Project Synthesis

Transferable aspects

Where will I be aiming to go from the previous project? What aspects will be transferred across, what will not? Within my previous project, my main themes were urban agriculture and self-sufficiency. These themes are integral to the next stage of this project.

The aim of this new project is to design a hybrid building. My personal aim would be to design a multi-functional building that incorporates ideas of urban farming, greenery, energy producing, minimal waste schemes in an attempt to be self-sufficient.

As mentioned within my previous blog, a main aspect of this project is focusing on urban growth and the increase in population that is inevitable within cities. Urban agriculture would be essential to help provide food to local residents and markets. Increasing food production within cities will help resolve issues such as: traffic pollution from transporting crops, air pollution from introducing additional greenery and feeding the population. Through this, encouraging minimal waste, implementing energy producing strategies, the buildings we design can become self-sufficient. With additional greenery and also an opportunity to return to our roots, it can help increase quality of life, encourage exercise, improve mental health and provides opportunity for education on agriculture.