Vertical Forest

Name: Vertical Forest

Architects: Stefano Boeri

Location: Milan, Italy


  • Residential building
  • Construction was completed in 2014
  • 110 and 76 metres tall
  • Has 400 condominium units
  • Nature within cities
  • Embraces Nature
  • Equivalent to 30,000 square metres of woodland and undergrowth
  • 2500 thousand plants growing on the towers´ balconies
  • 5,000 shrubs
  • 800 trees
  • Wastewater from the building is used to water the plants
  • Wastewater is filtered using the energy provided from solar panels
  • Self-sufficient
  • Architectural biodiversity
  • 90 species of plants
  • Welcoming wildlife
  • New plants have attracted birds and insects
  • Allows a relationship between humans and other living species
  • The plants filter fine-particle pollution (the city’s traffic)
  • The plants produce oxygen and absorbs CO2

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